Fixed Income

The primary focus is on Investment Grade fixed income investments, which can be managed using either Passive or Active strategies.

Currency exposure can be left open, hedged or actively managed.

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Situated in London and Tokyo there are specialists for each of the major markets and currency regimes, whose knowledge can be utilised when building global portfolios.


We seek to identify the best risk / reward opportunities through extensive macro economic and market research focusing on the key top-down decisions, be they country, maturity, sector or credit quality.


While a number of our clients have a clear target benchmark index, this is not always the case. We also manage money where the investment focus is driven by: Liability Matching; Income Generation; Capital Protection; or need for an Absolute Return.


The Bloomberg PORT+ system is used for portfolio analysis and risk management. It provides necessary information quickly and efficiently, with portfolios able to be updated automatically overnight.


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