Investment Risk

Risk management is an integral part of our investment process.


We utilise modern technology to monitor all aspects of the investment process, from trading to portfolio analysis. This data is reviewed regularly by both the portfolio managers and staff independent from the investment teams. Any warnings or potential guideline breaches are quickly notified to relevant staff and reviewed.


While the latest software is able to provide a range of data outputs to help manage client portfolios, the information provided needs careful analysis in order to be used correctly. We rely on our experienced investment professionals to use their knowledge of markets and their clients to reach sensible judgements, using this data, when managing their portfolios.

We further control risk through:

Ensuring that a sufficient spread of assets is held.
Controls on the size of holdings that takes into account liquidity.
Each instrument held has been carefully selected after appropriate due diligence.
Reviewing the stability of core risk measures with time.


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